Welcome to Army Cars

Welcome to Army Cars Holland. On our website you will find the largest collection of army vehicles and parts in Europe.

Army Cars buys, restores and sells, but we can also help with the modification of your own army vehicle and can offer technical advice. In addition Army Cars provides documentation on a wide diversity of vehicles and everything to do with the army.

Since 1991 Army Cars has been based in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands where the vehicles and parts are stored in a warehouse with a floor space of more than 13.000 m2.

The stock consists mainly of American military vehicles and parts, but you will also find Dutch and Russian vehicles and parts in our collection.



Army Cars restoration projects

Contact Army Cars for all your welding-, paint- and sandblast  jobs. Big or small! Also for partial or complete restorations. We have recently started to restore vehicles helping enthousiasts.  Our mechanics offer a helping hand with numerous restoration activities.

Looking for a manual?

Everything you have always wanted to know about your vehicle and other army material you will find at Army Cars. On request our staff will carry out research for you to find you the right manual.

Are you intrigued to know what happens at an American army jungle training or how that field radio works again? Army Cars can even provide you with this sort of information.

Technical advice

We can help you by sharing our know how with you.

Contact Us

Call us for a quote on +31 (0)78 - 620 58 88.

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